Astanga Yoga : Dynamic flowing vinyasa yoga for strengthening body and mind

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Astanga Yoga is a dynamic and energetic form of yoga that uses the breath to flow from one posture to the next. The postures, or asanas, are linked by vinyasa sequences, creating a heat that cleanses the body, while the mind stays clear and calm. The book begins with the history and philosophy behind Astanga yoga, explaining the important principles that any practitioner needs to know. The standing, seated and finishing asanas appear in the order that they are practised, and postures are shown in detail with clear instruction, and moderations to tailor the practice to all levels. The full sequence of the Primary Series is also shown all together, for easy reference. Finally, there is a section on abridged sequences, showing shorter, timed routines for everyday use. Authoritative teaching and beautiful photography make this the perfect introduction to Astanga Yoga.

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