The Girl's Guide : Getting the hang of your whole complicated, unpredictable, impossibly amazing life

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A colossal cheat sheet for a young woman's post-uni years, completely updated to reflect today's digitally engaged, globally connected culture, including the most up-to-the-minute websites, apps, and other digital conveniences. All the needs of the modern girl-from the benefits of a good Super plan to the pleasure and pain of dating (and why it's not a cliche to love yourself first), from figuring out what to wear to a job interview to the delicate enterprise of defriending-are addressed in one lively volume. It's all here: how to clean up your digital reputation, negotiate a salary you deserve, text and date without going bananas, save some money while still having fun. There's practical advice, like how to stock your pantry and store vegetables and fruits. There are tips for maintaining the relationships that mean the most to you: how to survive a visit to your parents' and how to make friends in a new city. Throughout the book, Melissa shares the expertise of authorities in every field: in the relationships chapter, sex experts Em & Lo talk straight (and also LGBTQIA) on between-the-sheets matters. The chapter on health and wellness includes advice from an internist, psychotherapists, a nutritionist, a practitioner of Chinese medicine-and more. It's all the solid information needed delivered in Melissa Kirsch's fresh, personal, funny voice, as if your best and smartest friend were giving you the best and smartest advice in the world.

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