Parenting In The Age of Anxiety

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Parenting in the Age of Anxiety acknowledges that today's generation is tormented by a number of issues exam stress, bullying, peer pressure, sexual uncertainty that can snowball into full-blown psychological conditions, from borderline personality disorders to anxiety and learning impairments. Added to this are specific early, emotionally fraught life experiences that demand coping skills, such as bereavement and adoption. How should one help a child deal with a bullying in school? What should you do when your son is burdened with exam stress? How is a parent to deal with a depressed teen? Equally, is anxiety a two-way street, passed on from caregiver to child and vice versa? Drawing from case studies, diary entries, letters and conversations, Parenting in the Age of Anxiety sensitively approaches each of the issues that distress growing children and offers valuable lifelines. This book reminds all guardians and nurturers to grant themselves the right to make mistakes and give their children the freedom to err and recover

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