Pure Skin: Discover the Japanese Ritual of Glowing

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Your skin is your body's biggest organ--as vital to your health as your heart. That's why Vicky Tsai, founder of Tatcha Skin Care, is sharing generations-old, time-tested Japanese skincare traditions with you. This thoughtful guide helps you get to know your skin and gives useful tips about turning everyday ingredients and products into a super simple, unique-to-you ritual. No matter how you customize it, all you need is two minutes and four steps Purify, Polish, Prep, and Nourish. But Pure Skin isn't just about basic skincare, it's also about a lifestyle; it begins with how you eat and even how you sleep. You'll also learn about:
- East vs. West: Learn why spot treatment and quick fixes never make lasting changes
- A Silken Path to Softer Skin: Pamper yourself with silk in five different ways
- What's Your Skincare Psyche?: Discover your skincare personality and what treatment will work for you
- Sheet Masks Demystified: Indulge in this scientifically-proven beauty trend once a week
- Ingredients to Believe In: Use the six traditional ingredients found in Japanese skincare
- The Japanese Diet for Clear Skin: Feed your skin with the trinity of Japanese superfoods

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