Books Kinokuniya – In the Spirit of Kaizen

Books Kinokuniya was founded by Moichi Tanabe on 22nd January 1927 in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

Our international venture began with the opening of Books Kinokuniya, San Francisco Store in 1969. To-date, we have 13 bookstores in the United States, including 18 others around the world: Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, Australia, Taiwan, and the United Arab Emirates. We also have 6 corporate sales offices spread throughout Asia Pacific and the US, as well as 3 export/liaison offices in New York, London and Taiwan.

Ever entrepreneurial and embodying the spirit of kaizen, Books Kinokuniya is committed to provide excellent services and create a pleasant ambience amongst our bookstores, so as to satisfy and delight all our customers.

28th KinokuniyaBooks Kinokuniya – Celebrating 29 Years In Indonesia!

Kinokuniya Bookstore Indonesia is an international bookstore that is 29th years old and has a collection of approximately 3 languages, as well as stationary, and also has approximately 500,000 titles. Kinokuniya was first opened in Indonesia in March 1990th located at Plaza Indonesia. In 1999th, Kinokuniya opened his second branch, namely at Plaza Senayan. In 2004th, Kinokuniya overhauled its branch at Plaza Senayan and opened a flagship store on the 5th floor of Sogo Plaza Senayan with an area of 1850th square meters. Since then, Kinokuniya has opened 4 outlets in Indonesia, all of which are managed by PT. Kinokunia Bukindo with a franchise system. In April 2010th, Kinokuniya's first outlet at Plaza Indonesia was closed, so that it finally only became 3 outlets. The three Kinokuniya shops that are still operating are all in Jakarta, namely at Plaza Senayan, Pondok Indah Mall (Opened September 2005th) and the last at Grand Indonesia (Opened May 2007th).

Kinokuniya Bookstore Indonesia is not just an ordinary bookstore because it presents a lot of variants of books, both best sellers and rare ones, and also often conduct event activities to provide exposure to pop culture, trends, communities, which contribute to providing experience and intelligence to customers through exploration and adaptation of books.